Help us empower the next generation of creators. We are hiring 3D artists, avatar creators, Unreal engineers and more!

What we do: Taiyaki Studios serves creators who use virtual characters to express themselves - commonly known as VTubers or virtual influencers. We serve as a tech-enabled talent agency, providing top creators with the tech, community, and mentorship they need to scale their audiences. Some examples of creators powered by Taiyaki: YBGhosty, a virtual influencer, and the Vambies, a virtual character collective. What we believe: The next Marvel-scale IP will be born as a collective of virtual characters on social media. Our end goal is to grow massive fandoms for collectives of virtual characters and leverage that IP for Marvel-scale monetization - merchandising, tv, film, games, etc… A revolution in content creation is upon us: advancements in AI, motion capture, and game engines have enabled solo creators to animate 3d characters in their bedroom at higher quality than large studios could just a few years ago. These advancements will turbocharge artistic & cultural output by giving a platform to creators of all backgrounds, limited only by their talent & creativity rather than their connections or looks. We seek to set the bar as the most creator friendly VTuber/Virtual Influencer company in the market. Who are we? Well-funded by top VCs (before the market crashed 😅), our team is a mix of Silicon Valley engineers, 3D artists/content creators, and a music industry veteran who launched the careers of a couple of the world’s top rappers thrown in for good measure.
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